HackaLong is a guitar site that I created for myself to play a long to my favorite songs.  As a novice guitarist (and I say that lightly), I like to play along to my favorite songs, but at the same time have to look up the chord patterns. 
          ​This site is to help keep that all organized on one site and with the click of 1 button, your on your way to playing your favorites!  Songs will be added as time permits, but hopefully this takes off and is the best guitar site for amatures around.  Songs will be added and corrections as time permits me to. 
        ​These are interpertations of songs and are not perfect.  Please enjoy and do not be to critical of the site.. Most of these songs are figured on my acoustic, but use whatever you like!! This is a fun site and just for the entertainement and the magic of great music.  
Here and there, there may be some info added about artist or bands.  Would like to turn this into an educational too, for the youth!!

Request will be granted on time, and nature of the song!! ​ So, grab a cold one and your desired Axe, and come along for the ride!!!     

​​​ Enjoy!!! DJM
Hack A Long Guitar